Friday 23 February 2024

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Suddenly everything became clear…

My heart has been clouded for too long
    by my sensible frowning head
But then music and my favourite song
    came and spoke to me and said,
‘Do what you are meant to do
    you have one life and one life only
Don’t muddle day by day through
    you have but one chance solely.
Look up to the stars, breathe in the air
    walk with happiness in your step
Run and skip like you have no care
    for this life you can now prep.
Fill your insides with love and light
   don’t settle for anything less
Hold onto passion with all your might
    you can take away life’s mess.
Be bold, be bright and grab your life
    let floating bubbles illuminate the sky
There’s no inch of room for strife
    you owe it to yourself to try.’
Suddenly everything became clear
    passion and me love enveloped 
Life opened up to make me freer
    and looking closer it’s more than I’d hoped.
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