Tuesday 11 June 2024

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Industry and Professional Testimonials

Testimonials for my books, research and writing.

“I have written a number of books of which Tredicino is my longest offering and most precious…I engaged Soulla some three months ago in editing…she is helpful in ironing out potential discrepancies in the plot and has improved the dialogue without changing my fantasy writing style…anyone who employs Soulla will find her very professional and very helpful.”
Elisa Gianoncelli
Children's Author
‘A racy, gripping and fluently written novel, which brings to life the unfortunate realities of Britain’s occupation of Cyprus.’ William Mallinson, former British diplomat, Professor of Political Ideas and Institutions, Universita Guglieml Marconi.
William Mallinson
Author of Cyprus: A Modern History.
“Huge thanks to Soulla for helping me take SERAPHINA RISING to the next level. She’s amazing at what she does…enhancing your writing, fine tuning your voice, all while challenging you to become a better writer. I hired an editor, but gained a friend. I highly recommend any of her author services.”
S. Daniels
“…I liked the reference to AKEL and the divisions within Greek Cypriot society at the time regarding the tactics of EOKA. This is a very interesting dynamic, as it doesn’t tend to receive any attention in the official histories of the island, but it does come across strongly in a lot of the interviews I have done on Cyprus. I also liked the reference to the school children and the ambush…”
John Burke
Books Author UK
"I was very happy with Soulla’s editing which was thorough, thoughtful & effective. She significantly improved the readability of my writing, making suitable suggestions without changing the meaning or tone. Her attention to detail in all of these areas, along with grammar, sentence structure and layout, was impressive. The turnaround time was good too. It is very clear that she loves her work and I am delighted to recommend Soulla for proofreading and editing."
Anne John-Ligali