Sunshine After Rain

In A Nutshell

This is a collection of 30 poems inspired by old sayings and phrases.

Each poem either directly relates to the saying, includes words from the saying or tells a short story or conveys an idea relating to the phrase.

I have covered a number of different themes and ideas including: hope, love, happiness, disappointment, beauty, struggle, resignation, joy and of course that most British of all things, the weather!

Excerpts From The Book

"It’s been a long while coming But cannot stop moving, cannot stop running Thoughts whirling round in my head Kindly words, promises said, whispers unsaid"

What happened to our forever after? Our joyous days filled with laughter? Did habit and comfort get in the way? Forgetting too often ‘I love you’ to say?

My inspiration for “Sunshine After Rain”

Many of us have grown up listening to

our parents and grandparents

saying these phrases and sayings to us over and over again. I remember

my teachers and friends saying them too.

As I have got older I too say and use many, more than I ever used to. I

wonder whether that’s part of wanting to hold onto the myriad of memories

that these old sayings and phrases

often conjure up or whether it’s just natural that I revert to them…like reaching for a comforting blanket, a hot bowl of soup or a nice cup of tea!

Either way, I hope you enjoy the poetry as much as I did writing it!