Thursday 4 March 2021

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Soulla Christodoulou - Author


A short story

Unlocked is a short story I released Christmas 2019 having entered the story into a writing competition with Spread The Word the year before. It was one of 14% of entries which received a second read by the judging panel. This is the first short  story I had ever written and I was delighted that it reached the position it did.

Customer reviews

‘I don’t know. I don’t care! Just get away from me. I loved you with all my heart. I can’t believe you’ve done this.’ She stormed out of the room and up the stairs. She slammed the bedroom door, the force sending her wedding photograph on the wall next to a framed one of the three boys in Florida, crashing to the wooden floor. The Venetian frame splintered instantly, minute stalactites of glass everywhere, broken like her marriage."

"Georgia threw herself onto the bed next to Thalia. They both sighed, looked at each other and then rolled around laughing and screaming, We’re in New York!"

"For the first time in ages, Georgia felt the first shafts of light penetrating the darkness within her and the wave of emotion swiftly threatened to break into fresh tears at any moment, tears of relief and happiness."

My inspiration for “Unlocked”

My inspiration came from my Epic Indian Adventure in February 2018 where I travelled to Delhi and then using the Indian train network travelled to Agra, Jaipur, Khajuraho, Varanassi and Mumbai. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken.

For more about my inspiration please read this wonderful interview with author Anne John-Ligali which was published to celebrate the short story’s release in December 2019. 


Helen, wallowing in pain and shunning the world and everyone around her, happens across an inspirational quote in her local store after leaving the house for the first time in weeks. Instantly, its message awakens something within her and she books a flight to a country she has always wanted to go.

In India the sounds, sights and colours of this spiritual place, evoke a new awareness within her and the promise of release from the agony of her husband’s infidelity. An impromptu encounter and an invitation to a local wedding open up an unexpected path and a flood of long-forgotten feelings.

For a short excerpt, please click here.

Excerpt from the book

Here are three reviews for the book too, which I hope will inspire you to purchase it as  an ebook download or a miniature copies can be ordered direct from me (UK only)

Namaste British Indian Queen:

Beautifully written short story. Helen takes a trip to India after her cheating husband of twenty three years leaves her. Here she meets Anil the tour guide who awakens forgotten desires. Accurate descriptions of the holy temples, spice and the general poverty in India, also includes a sari fitting!
This is a lovely exotic read, easy to read in one sitting. Highly recommend.

An uplifting story of discovery:

Helen has reached a dark place in her life that many do not escape. A bitter divorce has obliterated her spirit, leaving her listless in mind and body. As the months pass, her despair grows. A chance encounter with spirit lifting words sets her soul on fire, and reignites her will to join the living again.

She travels to India to fulfill her dreams. The country enchants her spirit with its spicy fragrances, scenic beauty and mindful spirituality. Her companion Anil makes her feel safe and cared for, bringing out emotions she thought were long gone.

On her final night in the area, she attends a family wedding as Anil’s guest. As the dancing and swaying commence, Helen knows she is about to take a new step in her life journey–will it set her free? I loved this short story by Author Christodoulou. The journey of darkness to self awareness tugged at your heart, and slowly brought a smile to your face. A powerful, uplifting, romantic read, highly recommended!

A short tale of recovery, a love-note to India:

I very much enjoyed this short story, which works on two levels. First, as the tale of a middle-aged woman who has frozen inside following her husband’s infidelity. And secondly, as a love-note to India, its colourful, vivacious and sensuous landscapes, food and people. Recommended for anyone interested in a story of emotional recovery; and anyone who loves, or is curious about, the spellbinding country of India.

I hope you read Unlocked and I’d really appreciate a review when you do! Thank you so much.

With much love, Soulla xx