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Writers’ Favourite Writing Quotes (Part 3)

Hi! Welcome to Part 3 of my blog series Writers’ Favourite Writing Quotes.

I am delighted so many of you are reading the blog and visiting my website too!

In Part 3 of the series I have some fantastic quotes from three author friends whose quotes are quite fascinating and really inspiring.

So without further ado let’s catch up with Nydia, Lang and Sylvia to see how quotes have inspired their writing and creative journeys. EnjoyNydia Pastoriza’s chosen quote (writing under the pen name Lexi Aidyn) is:

‘It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write.

Let them think you were born that way.’

Ernest Hemingway

 Nydia says: It inspired me because for a long time I wanted to write but I thought I wasn’t good at it and my lack of confidence kept me from doing it. The quote talks to me because it’s really no one’s business as long as I go through the process. I always wanted to write a book The quote inspired me to write because now I’m willing to take the time to learn. I’m no longer worried about what others think, I just want to fulfil my dream of writing a book.

Currently working on: I’m writing my first novel Candid. It’s a romance story about two people from different walks of life. I know that’s what a lot of people write about, but I’m mixing faith and religion and how it can be used as an excuse and for double standards. It’s really not a religious book and it’s not putting down any specific religion or denomination.

If you would like to know more about Nydia these are her LINKS:




Lang Johnson’s chosen quote is:

There are so many writing quotes that I love, but funny enough my favorite quote that inspires me to keep writing is not about writing at all.


“Why not me?”

Mindy Kaling


Lang says:

I always had a passion for writing. I wrote a few short stories that I posted online and I was a contributing writer for a health and wellness blog called Happygirl Yoga.  But in the back of my mind I always wanted to write a novel. The reason I never pursued it was because I feared that I was not a “real” writer. Only real writers were good enough to create enchanting worlds, in-depth characters, and can put thousands of words together and make it into a book.

I told myself that I was not qualified to be an author. My only experience was publishing a few articles on Happygirl Yoga. And even if I did go through with writing this book I doubted anyone would read it.

Then I heard the quote by Mindy Kaling and I thought about all the reasons why I wanted to write a novel – because I was in love with the world I created in my mind, because I wanted to do something prolific with words, because there are characters inside me whose stories I’m dying to tell.

But mostly, it was because through all my self-doubt there was a small voice inside that asked: Why don’t I consider myself a real writer? Why can’t I publish this novel? Why do I think no one will read it? Instead of thinking negatively, I should be asking: “Why not me?”

I realized that I was the only one holding myself back. The truth is, that in the end we are only as successful as we allow ourselves to be.

Now, I’m happy to say that a year after I started my novel I’ve completed my second draft!

Currently working on: I’m working on a fantasy fiction novel.

If you would like to know more about Lang these are her LINKS:

IG: writer_langjohnson

IG: big_bodhi_girl

Sylvia Valevicius’ chosen quote is:

‘Now, practically even better news than that of short assignments

  is the idea of shitty first drafts. All good writers write them.

 This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific

third drafts.’  Anne Lamott


Sylvia says: This is from the American author, Anne Lamott, and her much loved book, bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. This is inspirational for me to remember, now, and it is just as important as it was when I began writing seriously in 2012. It gives me the freedom to take chances, and to find the joy in editing later. I accept everything in the first draft, and expect it to be shitty! Anne Lamott encourages a freedom to take chances in writing and not to try to be perfect right away.

Currently working on: I have a novel that is in its first draft, set in my town of Oakville, Ontario, about a widower, a decent guy, and his twin teens. The working title is: The World of SIN.  There are surprises about my protagonist’s heritage, and the people who surround his life. Since this project will take some time to complete, in the interim, I decided to write a fictional volume of short pieces, Monologues for Grown Ups which I intend to publish by the end of October 2017. Soon!

If you would like to know more about Sylvia these are her LINKS:

Twitter: @Jtosnest

Instagram: @sylviamvalevicius

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Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog post! I hope that you will come by and visit again soon. And if you have a favourite quote and would like to be featured in the series please contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, happy writing, happy reading, happy you!

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