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Writing For Life Editing Services

For writers

With four published books and another two in the pipeline I am able to bring your story to the level of a polished, fully edited manuscript which will attract the attention of your readers. I have been through the Indie Process and have also been published with a traditional publisher.

Don’t skimp on this incredibly vital part of the writing journey. Prices start at £750.00 for a 50,000 word manuscript up to £1500.00 for an 85,000 word manuscript. Any story over 85,000 words can be negotiated individually. Contact me via my contact form for a free sample edit and personalised quote.

  • Expert editing of articles and text for publication online or in print.
  • Supportive, insightful and experienced proofreading and editing.
  • Enhanced proofreading to remove errors and improve your English.
  • Manuscript copy editing / Structural and Developmental Editing to improve the clarity, flow, structure and readability of your story, article or paper, including POV, Show Don’t Tell, Characterisation, Dialogue, Pace, Ambiguity and Plot Holes.

For students

If you’re working on your coursework, dissertation or any school or college-related work then I can ensure it is presented in a consistent and professional format with no errors. Prices start at £150.00. Contact me via my website for a consultation and personalised quote.

  • Essay, thesis and dissertation proofreading, editing and advice from a member of the team who has worked in the state and / or private education sector.
  • Academic editing to help you throughout your course, from personal entrance statements to your final thesis or dissertation.


For businesses

Running a business full-time means there will be times you will be better managing your time by outsourcing your copy for promotional material and website updates, product and/or service information leaflets and other written material. Prices vary depending on the copy project but as a guide charges are:

~ 0.10p per word  ~ £55.00 per hour  ~ £180.00 per 3-4 paragraphs of 4-5 lines per paragraph

~ £225.00 for a two-sided leaflet  ~ £350 for three LinkedIn Posts (including images, provided by client)

  • Editing of reports, websites, training manuals, presentations, press releases, advertising and marketing copy, PR materials, proposals, letters, newsletters and more.
  • Advice on making changes to your documents to ensure they’re perfect for your intended audience.
  • Services include editing, proofreading, development, and polishing for your online content, website or interactive guides.
  • Advice on and create content from your brief, ideas or draft.


Contact me via my website for a consultation and personalised quote.

Writing For Life Writing Mentorship

I offer a supportive, personalised writing mentorship programme to bring your writing and story ideas to fruition. The 10-week programme is ideal for new writers who have some experience and basic knowledge of creative writing and already have a piece we can work on. It is £750 and includes a half hour Introductory/setting goals session and ten individual one hour sessions (Zoom or video call) per week, as arranged. Face-to-face can be arranged but may carry additional charges.

  • Plot and Pace
  • Characterisation
  • Time and Place
  • Context
  • Research
  • Point of View
  • Show Don’t Tell
  • Dialogue
  • Inner / Outer Thought Tags and Processing
 Writing For Life Writing Masterclass
This Masterclass is for those who have always wanted to write and have decided that now is the time to take their writing to the level where they produce competent, polished and industry-standard stories. This Masterclass brings the foundations of writing and storytelling to you by working directly with a published author and nominee for the RSL Ondaatje Prize 2021. This Masterclass can be paced to meet the needs of the individual. It is intended that the outcome is a piece of work which can be further developed and then edited to a level which can then be queried with agents and publishers.
The cost of the course is £1500 which includes resources, worksheets as well as individual electronic feedback on writing (submission targets to be agreed) on a weekly basis.
WEEK ONE: Looking at hooks and how to start your story. Session topics will include: Beginnings, Introducing your main character/s, Backstory, Pulling in the reader and keeping them turning the pages.
WEEK TWO: Delving in! Session topics will include: Tricks and ways to bring your characters alive, space and scene-setting, movement and change.
WEEK THREE: No story can exist without its characters. Session topics will include: building your characters, reaction, physical attributes, internal and external thoughts, relationships, flaws, feelings, character arc and what this means. 

WEEK FOUR: Plot and structure skills and how to weave these into the fabric of the story. Principles of plotting will be a big part of this. Session topics will include: Building scenes, revealing information at the right time, flashbacks and their use, mystery, surprise and building suspense.

WEEK FIVE: Description brings settings to life and writing dynamic descriptions will ground your readers. Session topics will include: using the five senses to bring your story to life, movement and colour, tiny details to focus the eye and mind, other characters and the past.

WEEK SIX: Dialogue and bringing characters alive through their speech and their conversations. Session topics will include: voice, conflict, rhythm, real speech and what it sounds like, body language.
WEEK SEVEN: Two key textures in story writing are dialogue and description and how they can be used together to create the right impact and effect. Session topics will include: action, thoughts, dialogue vs description, dialogue tags, dialogue action tags, pace, moving forward.
WEEK EIGHT: The middle of your story (and half way through the Masterclass)  It is at this point that we must look to the second half and the end of the story. Session topics will include: Wants and needs, Links, thinking forwards, keeping the pace and flow of the writing.
WEEK NINE: Writing skills and going back to basics. What are you competent using in your writing. What are you unsure of? Session topics will include: Vocabulary, Verbs, Sentence structure, Sounds, Paragraphs, white space on the page, adverbs, show don’t tell. 
WEEK TEN: Writing Techniques can add dimension and emphasis to your writing. Session topics include: Rule of three, repetition, alliteration, Personification, Imagery, Contrast, avoiding cliches.
WEEK ELEVEN: Chapters are used to break up the reading for the reader but how can you use these to keep your reader engaged? Creating structure and shape and signposts for your reader are important. Session topics will include: Chapter Overview, Opening and closing sentences, chapter length, pulling it all together.
WEEK TWELVE: Plot skills revisited to boost your skills. Session topics will include: Foreshadowing, group scenes, time and punctuating a scene.
WEEK THIRTEEN: This week we will look at how to double up so that your writing delivers not one element, but two at the same time. Session topics will include: action and story, action and character/s , description and story, dialogue and story.
WEEK FOURTEEN: All stories have to come to an end and this is where we look at different endings and how the ending will make your readers feel. Session topics will include: resolution, Imagery, movement, possibility, expected, unexpected.
WEEK FIFTEEN: Time to think about the next steps. By now you will have a first draft, almost completed story. What happens during the editing phase? Session topics will include: hiring an editor, developmental edits, editing process, timing, the end.

Writing For Life Beta Reading

If you’re looking for honest, constructive feedback on your fictional manuscript, then please contact me with details of the genre, word count and the deadline you are working towards.

I’m always happy to work with new and aspiring writers to support your journey to publication and beyond.

My rates start at £150.00 and I specialise in the genres of Commercial Fiction, General Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Biographies and Memoirs, Thrillers and Crime Fiction. I do not cover Horror or Erotica.

I work sensitively and collaboratively to ensure your work stays true to your own style and story goals.

Writing For Life Social Media Support Packages

The power of social media in connecting clients, customers and consumers to our products and services has never been stronger than today. With knowledge of both Instagram and Twitter I aim to offer a bespoke social media package across your preferred platform (or happy to negotiate for both platforms on an individual basis)

Available (at a glance):


This package aims to create hype and generate interest and awareness around your forthcoming release and to supercharge your exposure.


This package aims to create initial interest and hype and act as a reminder to your audience to buy your product or service. It will begin to build a brand image for you, develop trust and personality and embed you as a reputable seller and entrepreneur in the market place. It will build you a community of targeted followers and build on your followers’ engagements with your posts.


This package aims to boost your product’s or service’s exposure and create awareness around a competition or giveaway. It is a good way to connect and build new followers as well as encourage interaction and engagement.

ROCKET ROSE GOLD PACKAGE – 45-DAY DURATION (schedule to be agreed and can be rolled out at any point during the product/service media campaign) £299

This package aims to create longer term interest and act as a reminder to your audience to buy your product or service, build your brand, trust and personality, embed you as a reputable seller and supplier in the market place with a strong and consistent presence and build on your followers’ engagements with your posts, reels and stories.

Private Tuition for English Language

(Years 1 to 11) Tuition for all children (including SEN and school non-attender students), working at all levels from KS2 through to GCSE, 7+, 11+ and 13+ assessments, from @£45.00 per hour

  • 1st session – Personal Review & Assessment
  • 2nd session – Agreement of Schedule, including Home tasks
  • All sessions thereafter will be mutually agreed upon and can focus on a range of language areas based on student needs and can include:
  • Phonics, letter formation, language development and oral skills
  • Language features, structure & terms
  • Vocabulary development
  • Writing with a start, middle and end
  • Exploration of themes and relevant descriptions
  • Active verbs recognition & understanding
  • SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)
  • Understanding & meeting the exam board assessment criteria (where applicable)
  • Exam question/answer technique (where applicable)
  • Developing higher order responses (where applicable)
  • Intensive holiday ‘cramming’ sessions also available on request. Rates on application.
  • Shared lessons also available (please contact for details)