Friday 14 June 2024

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A man after my own heart.

We talked and laughed mutually

Everything I said he

agreed unusually

How can he be so similar to me?

In thought, in ideas, our planning in glee

When I revealed my biggest dream

He smiled and said what a great scheme

By your side with whatever you need

Don’t be alone, I can nurture the seed

And when I lost faith and began to doubt

He showed me the truth and did shout

He took my hand and yelled you’re a star

Don’t give up now when you’ve come this far

Exhausted and ready to give up

You re-focused me on the champagne cup

And you brought back my resolution

My energy and ambition, determination

We talked for hours and hugged and kissed

Warm and cosy eating ice cream and life missed

You looked into my eyes, knew with a start

We were one, you and me…a man after my own heart.

I hope you enjoyed my poem. I have written 30 poems inspired by old phrases and sayings. The collection ‘Sunshine after Rain’ is available on Amazon here:

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