Thursday 11 July 2024

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Pressure by Soulla Christodoulou and as featured in the April issue of Double The Books E-Magazine


Hello friends and fellow writers!

It’s International Poetry Month this month and one of my poems has been published in a wonderful e-magazine too! So I thought I would share PRESSURE with you here and say that if you enjoy author interviews, writing tips and poetry you will absolutely LOVE Double The Books E-Magazine too so take a look at the links below to connect with them.

PRESSURE was inspired by the pressure we all feel to do great things…sometimes things we are not perhaps destined to do yet do not realise it under the pressure of others’ expectations, demands, traditions and beliefs within society. And sometimes the best we can do is not enough and we feel the burden and live with that burden unless we choose to free ourselves. Enjoy and huge thanks, of course, for the opportunity to be featured in Double The Books!


A girl sat hunched rain streaking her face

She breathed hard, fast, her mind yelling

In her heart, she was winning the race

Yet at the chalked start line still half dwelling


Barely able to stand in pressured greatness

A random row somewhere inside her pricked

As noise and water once drowning became less

Noticing how her emotions now torn and ripped


Assigned her to what life, one not her own

She fully emptied the glass medicine bottle

No less of sweet wine but poison on loan

Enough to drown her dwindling throttle


Awhile she pendulum swung from fair to worse

The woods closing thick, privet hedge rows scratching

As she swallowed the hated book’s curse

Closing in on her world as it split diverting


Her whether ready or not, neither least or most

The rich wealth of thoughts going quiet

Accented and new, an encouraging boast

Religiously patting her with a colour riot


As she gazed outwards, reflections of an imposter again

Without together, she couldn’t be there

She searched the crowd for strength to gain

Her mother’s tented stare told her she didn’t care


Thank you for reading my poetry and if you would like to read more then please download my Collection of Poetry, Sunshine after Rain here.

If you would like to connect with Double The Books you can visit their website here,

where you can view the current issue and past issues of the magazine as well as subscribe and

connect across their social media.

Until next time, Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy You and Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate.








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