Friday 14 June 2024

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Poetry inspired by Alexander and Maria


Poem by Roselle of LifeLovePraiseandPoetry

Hello and welcome to a very special blog post where I not only celebrate another great review for Alexander and Maria but also share a wonderful poem which was written by Roselle, one of my readers, after she read the book.

The account, LifeLovePraiseandPoetry, on instagram, is a vibrant and evocative collection of poetry and writing by Roselle who won a signed copy of Alexander and Maria in a giveaway I did to launch the book’s release.

In her instagram post Roselle says, “The book is about a modern love story that is beautiful, captivating and gripping… I fell in love I love how Soulla incorporated poetry into the story. I fell in love with the characters… (Soulla) inspired me to become a better writer…”

Here is the poem Roselle wrote


Strangers, aren’t we?

Trusting each other

No one can see

Deleted messages

of our passionate chat

Carved in poetry with a dash of lust

Which is more intimate?

The warmest touch

Or the naked truth

that only you and I

Would only know

Insecurities and inadequacies

Even sexual incapacity

We’re stripping each other with all honesty

Fiery exchange of words in secrecy

Every message you sent arouses me

You enticed me more

With your persistency

You caressed me with your sweetest praise

You embraced me with your boldness and grace

You entwined your passages with seductive metaphors

Taking me to the fantasy my heart has been yearning for

Sharing thoughts and feelings through an online stream

We found a new meaning in our lives that’s rather mundane

Our flaming hearts ignited can’t be tamed.

If you would like to connect with LifeLovePraiseandPoetry you can do so here.

Thank you for reading and thank you too to Roselle who has made me smile with her heartfelt poem and words.

Until next week,

With much love, Soulla xxx

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