Thursday 11 July 2024

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A special 50th Birthday post for Lia Seaward…my sister


Welcome to this very special birthday post where I celebrate my sister’s 50th Birthday with a few blasts from the past and a few words from one of her best friends, her cousin and her two brilliant sisters!! I wanted to do something different for her – cards get shoved into drawers, photo albums end up collecting dust on bookshelves and so I thought a LIVE post would always be here to remind her how much she’s loved and admired and how important she is to so many of us.


It’s not that far back

When we were on the same track

Carrying books and playing Mary’s

Knocking on Andrew’s door, doing the scarys

We rode our bikes, ate 99 ice creams

Carefree days, giggling lots, happy sunbeams

Walking to school, talking boys

Make-up, nail varnish our girly toys

Falling out over boyfriends

Then realising what we had was better than them

It took a while

But our sisterly love we did reconcile

Sharing secrets, out clubbing past bedtime

Making too much noise as we came in our only crime

Friday night youth club Wham, Chaka Khan, Bananarama

With us two there was always a drama

Discos in Portsmouth, late nights in Crawley

You puking at work, getting cocktail ‘poorly’

Then we grew up, not sure when that happened

But with marriage and kids our hearts more gladdened

Sharing walks in the park

Elisia and Christian between them a spark

But we remained firm friends through all the mayhem

And then supported each other, loving anchormen

Now here we are, life a year and a half apart

We’ve come full circle, a new phase we’ll start 

Our hearts together are tied with gold thread

And the happiest, best tears still to be shed.

Love you always and always Lia mou, Soulla xxx


Lia I’m so lucky to have you as my sister…you taught me so much growing up…how to smoke, drink vodka and be a fashion queen! 

But more importantly you were my travel buddy around America, Bahamas and Mexico! What an amazing trip we had and I will never forget running for our lives in Washington!!

Happy 50th babe! I love you so much, Lots of love Maria xxx


20 reasons why I love Lia…

1. From school days to present day she has been a constant in my life.
2. She was always up for running after boys.
3. She taught me how to knit.
4. Feeling comfortable enough to fart throughout our Callenetics home video.
5. For skipping dinner and having toast and peanut butter instead.
6. For pretending we were models and taking ridiculous photos.
7. For always being up for going out, to the point she double and triple books on the same night. 
8. For having a sweet innocence and believing everything she is told.
9. For going for a walk in the rain and never having an umbrella.
10. For having the best legs.
11. For being able to put those great legs in white jeans and look smoking hot.
12. For asking why we are having a minutes silence right in the middle of the silence. 
13. For never knowing how her iPhone works.
14. For being my gym buddy and making Spin classes so much fun.
15. For loving shopping as much as me.
16. For loving trivial tv like me.
17. For desite being 50, always asking me what I’ll be wearing when we go out.
18. For always being excited by things.
19. For being a fabulous friend.
20. And finally for choosing me to be her friend.

Happy 50th Lilly mou. Here’s to the next 50!!

Big love and Angels,

Maria x


It seems like only yesterday when we were in the video club singing at the tops of our voices to the old classics! If I recall ‘Nothing going on but the rent’ by Gwen Guthrie was a fave. 

Then our fab hols in Elounda, Crete were we didn’t take our Thea!! 🤣🤣

Fab hols in Cyprus, clubbing in Zismos, Whispers in the evening, Donald Duck halloumi & lounza pitta about 2am and then zzzz all day at the beach topping up our tans. I remember the day ( which for me is pretty good with this memory)  you asked me to christen Elisia. My heart was bursting with joy. Truly an honour. And then Jojo too. 

You Lils are like a sister I’ve never had. Total opposites however we just click! 

Your zest for life, easy going manner, and loyalty to name a few things are just a few things that make you, special. 

I’m lucky to have you not as just family Lils but someone I call a best friend. 

So Lils I wish you a very Happy birthday. Here’s to more years of friendship and good times. 

Love you loads Marina xx







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