Friday 14 June 2024

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A peek at the new book cover and book blurb of author S.Daniels’ new book, Seraphina Rising


Welcome to a very special post where you can have a peek at author S.Daniels’ new book cover and book blurb to her fabulous watery and magical tale, Seraphina Rising. The book cover blew me away when I saw it for the first time and each time I look at it I notice something more magical; the beautiful jewelled eye design on the face of Seraphina, her amazing eyes, the rising water bubbles around her and the depth of the blue ocean…it all creates the most incredible imaginary world and S.Daniels brings it alive with her fantasy mermaid story.

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you. S.Daniels is a wonderful author with a beautiful soul. She is dedicated to the art of writing and believes passionately in her story…and I know you will too. I have been privileged and honoured to have worked on editing the story with her and it’s a story that will touch your heart and wonder about the life of mermaids and beyond. It’s a definite read and comes highly recommended. So watch out for news on its release!

Book covers are one of the first aspects of a new book which will be integral in attracting a reader to pick up the book and take a look at the blurb. It is the key aspect of book marketing that cannot be overlooked and its influence on sales cannot be underestimated. It’s also one of the aspects of book marketing so many authors think about last but not in this case. S Daniels’ new book cover has been carefully considered, and will certainly attract a lot of attention, and I can promise you too, the story inside is just as wonderful.

Book Blurb:

“Beneath the surface of the cold waters of Planet Klepnar, a member of the Wasnuk warrior mermaid clan, Seraphina, is devastated and appalled when she discovers her ingenious Harpin trap is responsible for the gruesome demise of a young man, Damon. She vows to put an end to this atrocity; ensnaring man for food.

Her fight for fairness and justice means defeating a fellow member, the abhorrent Aureilla, and winning an on-going ancient battle for dominance as it unfolds dramatically and with long-lasting consequences, against a rival clan, the Seabucks.

Above the surface in the harsh sulphuric environment of Aznar, an alcoholic lieutenant with the Aznar Police Department, Bob Clement, confronts his own demons, as he searches for the young man, reported missing by his parents who struggle with the thought of life without their son.

Two worlds collide. Does Seraphina, driven by her unwavering beliefs, rise to power, to win the respect and loyalty she craves from her clan members and does Bob find closure, closer to home than he ever imagined, when he doesn’t even know what he is searching for?”

Book Cover:

Seraphina Rising, book cover (I wish I could include a drum roll here and fireworks!)

The book cover beautifully shows Seraphina, the heroine of the story. 


Images within the book pages:

Images within the book have been sketched by S.Daniels which adds a personal touch to the book.

I wish S.Daniels all the best with her new book. It’s an exciting time for any author. If you would like to read S.Daniels’ new book look out for the upcoming release and all her other news via her links below.

Until next week, Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy You.

Love Soulla xxx

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