Thursday 11 July 2024

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We met as promised…a poem by Soulla Christodoulou


We met as promised…is a poem written by me, Soulla Christodoulou, and will be included in my next novel which has a working title of Trust Is A Big Word. Trust is a recurring theme in my next novel and it’s a huge consideration, a value, in life. It appears in many areas of our lives; in relationships between grown ups, between friends, between parents and their children employers and employees. We build our lives on trust and this poem comes at a point in the story when the two main characters meet for the first time. I hope you enjoy is and I hope that trust is what it should be in your life.

We met as promised
Held hands and gazed
Into each other’s eyes glazed
With love and understanding
A burst of something not contained
Excitement, nerves, all but the same
As around us the traffic roared
And people pushed and shoved
Along pavements huddled with rain
Which came in fat drops and
Then heavy sheets galore

But all the while we smiled
Fingers intertwined
Playing the tune of cupid’s tender
Love and kisses bliss
It was the same but different
As imagined old yet new
Familiar and unfamiliar
A love that sang,
Sang quietly earnestly true
Tea we drank and cake we shared
Smiled and teased
Close, pulling away, shy gazes
And cherubic looks

It’s how we imagined it to be but not
This is how it is you and me
With hearts thumping
Dewy eyes and tenderness of heart
We know again we will part
But promises make to meet again
Meet again in London’s rain.
Three days of what, when, if
Now over and sealed with a kiss
Nothing more nothing less
As you disappear to Inverness.

                                                                           #POEMSC An original poem by Soulla Christodoulou

Thanks for reading my poetry…you can read more in my poetry collection Sunshine after Rain.

Soulla x

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