Friday 7 June 2024

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Walking Along The Shaded Lane; A Poem Inspired by Kenwood House & Gardens by Soulla Christodoulou


Walking Along The Shaded Lane is a poem I wrote one morning, inspired by the beautiful grounds and surroundings of Kenwood House and Gardens in Hampstead, North London. If you love in London or happen to be visiting then I highly recommend a wander round the beautiful house and a stroll around the gardens which go on for miles.

Over the years I have spent many afternoons here. When my boys were little we’d meet with friends and family for picnics; the boys would roll down the grassy slopes from the house towards the lake, climb the trees so high they were little brown dots!) and we’d dip pitta in houmous, crunch on crisps and throw bread to the ducks. They were happy days and now I’m making new happy moments here, quieter, contemplative ones, but I still enjoy the buzz on a summer’s day and so Walking Along The Shaded Lane is made up of many such moments.

Walking Along The Shaded Lane, one of the many poems I write when I’m out and about, especially now I’m living the author life more fully; I always have a notebook and pen with me so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and next time you see me out scribbling I may just be writing a little word or two about you!


Children playing in bare feet

Rosy cheeks aglow in the heat

Up above a sheet of blue

A bird flies by, I lean in kissing you

Holding hands, we stroll along

In my head repeats our song

Our fingers entwined, we walk

Whispering nothings, silly talk

Green rolling mounds climb around us

Grass filled with daisies and buttercups

Ducks quacking, feathers fluff

Climbing the hills with a huff

Boys playing football, girls flying kites

Yellow ribbons, orange stripes

Trees thick with emerald leaves

Foliage, flora and fauna breathes

Picnic hampers, happy sunbathers

Trousers rolled up and petticoat gathers

Flowing summer dresses and flip flops

Girls making daisy chains, boys jumping hop scotch

Dogs excited to be off their leads

Running wildly, chasing bees

A chorus of happy birthday fills the air

The wind blows and I hold my hair

We sit a while, poppy seed lemon cake

Strawberry and rhubarb posh pops take

We people watch, relax a while

You reach across to me and smile


Young girls, first love’s flush

As they feel dreamy and lush

Takes me back to years ago

A teenager in love, a lifetime ago

Walls covered in lichen, all shades of green

A robin red breast pecking is seen

Cream canvas umbrellas a welcome shade bring

Pigeons fight and a magpie sits like a king

A sandwich wrapper catches on the wind

Blows away high, high in the trees

A toddler chases a waddling duck

An old man his newspaper at a wasp chucks

A girl limps past her ankle bandaged

Pain a grimace the bone damaged

I wonder who she’s searching for

But know with you I need no more.


Thank you for reading and if you would like to read some more of my poetry then please download a copy of my poetry collection Sunshine after Rain – available on Amazon.

Until next week, Happy Reading. Happy Writing, Happy You.

Soulla xxx



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