Friday 14 June 2024

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Poem from Sunshine after Rain by Soulla Christodoulou


Hello! I thought I would share one of my poems from my e-book collection, Sunshine after Rain, available via Amazon, with you. I wrote the poems as a way of distancing myself from my bigger writing projects at the time and it was a lot of fun! This poem is called Head Over Heels. Enjoy!

That feeling that envelopes you

Crushes your heart, soul-gazing

You wonder will you ever breathe normally again

Or look at the world the same


Everything seems bolder, brighter

A technicolour of hues, a paint box

The sky above you, a hundred shades of blue

You smile at strangers, hum in the streets


Work falls away like a fantasy, a long holiday

Energy rushes, sleep is dreamy, evasive

This is what being in love is, head over heels

You lose your appetite, weightless you drown


You check your phone every few minutes

Smiling wide, it reaches your eyes

You wait for the ping, the screen to flash

With a racing pulse you imagine the words unfolding  


When you talk your voice shakes, speak too quickly

Your palms sweat, you’re infatuated

Life is wondrous, magical, a new tambourine

How amazingly musical life suddenly seems


Each time you think of your lover

Images of goddesses appear, a seashell speaks to you

Her perfumed scent wows you, head over heels

This is exactly where you long to be


Thank you so much for reading my poem and if you would like to read some more, the collection is free on KindleUnlimited or 1.99 on Kindle. Until next time, Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy YOU!

Sunshine after Rain

Soulla x 




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