Wednesday 10 July 2024

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October’s Halloween Night A Poem by Soulla Christodoulou


A spooky poem by Soulla Christodoulou

The night echoed with cackling witches and swishing broomsticks

As families huddled under blankets afraid to watch spooky flicks

Of gooey green liquid and magic hexes and spells

Of fire and ghouls and red-hot burning hells

The moon shone, an ever watchful eerie disc in the sky

Following every movement from way up high

Teenagers donned their indigo capes and scarlet lips

Pointy hats on heads as flowing black skirts swayed on their hips

A hooting night owl breaks the eerie silence

A black cat slinks on padded paws, a creaking fence

Grey misty smoke rises from the distant fields

While imaginary monsters and trolls wait with their shields

There are trick or treat pranks and silly songs and jokes

With baited breath the youths await expecting a hoax

But it’s neither surreal nor real, with a chill and a fright

Because tonight is October’s Halloween night

Whatever you’re doing on Halloween this year I hope you stay safe… watch out for those ghosts and ghouls!

With much love, Soulla xxx

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