Friday 14 June 2024

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Light at the end of the tunnel…a poem for New Year


Hello and welcome to the last blog post of 2017!

It’s that time of year when so many of us take time to reflect on the year that is almost over and we begin to plan ahead and think about things to come. What has made you happy and brought joy to your heart this year? What obstacles and challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them? Have your experiences changed the way you think or feel about certain aspects or people in your life? Perhaps you’ve lost someone dear to you. I’ve had highs and lows this year and I’m looking forward with a grateful heart that I am here to welcome 2018 with open arms, an open mind and an open heart. 

Life often just happens TO some of us while others have the attitude of I’M going to make life happen for ME. Either way I hope you enjoy this poem taken from my poetry collection SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN. ( )

It’s been a long while coming

But cannot stop moving, cannot stop running

Thoughts whirling round in my head

Kindly words, promises said, whispers unsaid

What happened to our forever after?

Our joyous days filled with laughter?

Did habit and comfort get in the way?

Forgetting too often ‘I love you’ to say?

Life rushes, demanding space and energy

Losing ourselves to imbalanced symmetry

Hollow kisses, vacant glances and hurried caresses

The ticking clock a reminder time on presses

Early dawn mornings and late night slumber

Aching bones and tired limbs outnumber

Hours spent in front of blue screens

Or idly watching television’s mundane scenes

But we must turn to each other anew

Make joint our efforts to be honest and true

To notice again beauty, joy and radiance

Breathe in rose perfume, amber fragrance

We unfold achingly, colours of a new bloom

Togetherness, unity in the same room

Holding tight, can’t let go

How did we almost let our ‘us’ away blow?

With one accord, in each other lost

Our bursting hearts’ passions embossed

We divert attention and feed love’s funnel

Rejoicing we found light at the end of the tunnel

Wishing you all a very happy New Year 2018 full of dreams come true and many blessings.

Big hug and much love, Soulla xxx

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