Friday 12 July 2024

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Christmas Morning – A poem by Soulla Christodoulou


Christmas Morning

She woke, stretched arms above her head

A starkness, white, across the tiny room

It felt as though she floated in her bed

Her mind went whoosh and zoom

It was Christmas morning

And many a sound could be heard

Robins twittered without warning

Her eyes screwed against the light, blurred

She sat up and shivered against the chill

Wondered would the fires be roaring

Promised surprises awaiting gave her a thrill

Springing out from the covers, her heart adoring

Nimbly running down the stairs

The tree sparkled, adorned greeted her

Presents in abundance, stuffed teddy bears

The cat curled up meowing her purr

Mama and Papa awaited there

With orphaned Johnny and Little Rose

Bouncing blond ringlets, jet ebony hair

Lit wax candles cast their dancing glows

Within seconds hugs and kisses anew

The Christmas gifts were torn open

Wrapping and ribbons around the room flew

Wild whoops and yells of excitement spoken

The fire roared its orange and burning flames

While outside the snow blustery came

The children played, with echoed exclaims

Spreading out counters and a board game

Wonderland flurry wrapped the garden in white

A tiny robin at red berries nip and pecking

The garden a winter’s magical sight

An iridescent pure silver icy flecking.

Happy Christmas to you all. With love, peace and joy.

Soulla xxx

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