Friday 7 June 2024

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India – a poem by Soulla Christodoulou


Welcome back and this week m sharing another poem  wrote while in Mumbai on Sunday 25th February 2018.

I guess with the release of Unlocked

and the success it is already having I have been reminiscing and so browsing through my notebooks filled with all sorts of scribbles from my epic Indian adventure.


Amongst the crowds I walk

Watching every step I take

Avoiding splats, spit and grime.

I avert my eyes to the men’s stares

I avert my eyes to not see what they see

For I know I am different

I’ve been told not one, but many times

“People see you with your long dark curls

Your black eyelashes, your brown eyes

They are confused; they see an Indian girl in Western clothes,

They see an Indian girl, a Bollywood star.”

I laughed when  was told

And now I become bold and look straight back at them all

Men and women in they eye

I dare them to say something

But they don’t unless it’s in 

Response to “namaste” and a smile.

To me I wonder at the men who openly stare

And the women who exist under

the beautiful flowing saris

liquid and colour and life

What lives do they lead? What dreams do they have?

But my thoughts are fleeting, as

Wispy as the morning mist and the 

evening drifty fog

This is India, It’s bigger than me

It’s greater than my spirit, my world…

It has crept up on me and I know it will

Stay in my heart forever.


Thank you for joining me and if you’re a writer, reader, poet or lover of words please feel free to contact me for a collaborative feature on my blog. I’d be delighted to discuss your ideas.

Until next week, Happy Writing, Happy Reading, Happy You.

Love Soulla xxx




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