Thursday 11 July 2024

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A Christmas Poem from guest poetess and author Amy J. Markstahler


Amy was one of the first authors I connected with on Twitter a year ago and her down-to-earth, realistic, heartfelt and often emotional poetry struck me as some of the most authentic poetry I have read in recent times. Amy bares her most inner fears and hopes, her pain and her joy through her words and very often in such a way that I can’t help but want to hug her! So when she agreed to contribute to the Christmas Poetry blog post I was both delighted and a little anxious to see what take she would have on this. Her poem ‘A Christmas Confession’ has not disappointed me and is as true to her and Christmas as it could be. So whether you celebrate Christmas or not please read on…

A Christmas Confession

He looked in my eyes

With a slight grin on his face

He had a simple question

One filled with grace.

“The night before Christmas

—the blizzard of ’83

Remember the snow?

It’ll never leave me

You were only six.

We’d just moved back

The presents were at grandma’s

Dad couldn’t walk the path

Mom worried and panicked

She had to give you the magic

If Santa failed you

It would’ve been heartbreaking and tragic

So I bundled up

My mind set to be strong

Across the field I walked

Only a mile… it wasn’t long.”

He shrugged and chuckled

Like he’d stepped in the past

My heart swelled with love

For my brother at last

That night still fresh,

Memories flooded my mind

It was an adventure for me

All the chaos was fine

My room was freezing,

Snow all over the floor

Mom gasped in horror

Then slammed the door.

I felt her anxiety

As she ushered me away

With an arm full of blankets

My brother’s room, I would stay

The honor was mine

When I settled in my nest

My brother wasn’t there

I couldn’t fight the rest

Later I woke

And asked what was wrong

My hero simply answered

“Go to sleep—Santa won’t be long.”

In the morning I jumped up

And ran to the tree

Showered in lights

The sight was magical to me

At six years old

I had the best Christmas day

All because my brother

refused to let a blizzard get in the way.


Thank you so much Amy…so real and I imagine emotional to write too. It’s been wonderful having you on my blog dear friend and I hope you will be a guest again!

Happy Christmas to you and your family and to all of my wonderful readers here…I hope you all have a beautiful, peaceful time full of love and the happiest of memories.


Amy J. Markstahler is a poet and author of two novels. She lives in Central Illinois with her husband and two children in a cabin near the river.

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Responses to “A Christmas Poem from guest poetess and author Amy J. Markstahler”

  1. Amy Markstahler (Edit)

    Thank you so much Soulla! Your words absolutely warm my heart. It’s an honor to be featured in your work and even more to call you my friend! Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all who stop by and read!
    Amy Markstahler

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