Wednesday 17 April 2024

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Holiday, Christmas and Festive fun story prompts


I wanted this week’s post to fit in with the festive spirit that comes with Christmas whether you celebrate or not. I remember being at school with Jewish children, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and they all still looked in awe at the wonder that seemed to surround Christmas time even though they didn’t celebrate.

So this week I hope you enjoy the festive story starters. These are for those of you wanting a break from your own writing but who still might want to snuggle in front of an open fire, notebook and pen in hand, maybe a glass of mulled wine or Baileys, and just write.

1. She didn’t believe in angels, she never had but then how could she explain what had just happened?

2. He wandered round the huge shopping centre wondering where to start. He had exactly one hour to buy seven presents and all he could focus on was the huge candy cane hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the concourse…

3. The smell of brandy hit the back of her throat. Just one wee glass would be alright. I mean how would she get drunk on one glass? Two hours later, her apron dusted with flour, her fingers sticky with the fruit mixture, she looked at the bottle. She hiccupped and realised it was half full. How would she explain this?

4. ‘Charity begins at home,’ said her sister in no uncertain terms.

     ‘But I want to do something. Do something that makes a difference,’ whined Freda.

      ‘Well, go and do it somewhere else and don’t you go spending money we haven’t got!’

5. Jonathan had wanted to be one of the stars in the school play. Then he changed his mind and the teacher kindly swapped him across to be a snowball. Then he changed his mind again and so he was playing the part of the nutcracker…but then he changed his mind again.

6. He looked through the recipe…one piece of coal, popcorn string, half a carrot, two tangerines, a sprig of holly…a box, ribbon and a candle. He had everything he needed. Now, to get started…

7. He knew he shouldn’t but having crept down in his pyjamas there was no going back now. He took down the cake tin and opened it. The last mince pie stared back at him. He reached his hand into the bottom of the tin and pulled it out. Its top sprinkled with sugar and glazed with egg seemed to shine at him. He brought the mice pie up to his open mouth and just as he was about to take a bite…

8. Everything was pristine and in its place. The wooden reindeer adorned the fireplace, the firewood was cut up and filled the log basket, the bright red sleigh covered in fake snow decorated the middle of the mantel piece, a red bowl overflowed with gilded cones. But there was something missing…

I truly hope you have fun with these…perhaps use them with your family and loved ones on Christmas Day to have a storytelling session. Whatever you do and however you celebrate and spend the time I hope you and your families have a wonderful time. Happy Christmas to you all and a Very Happy New Year.

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