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5* Review for Broken Pieces of Tomorrow by Sylvia Valevicius (goodreads)


Broken Pieces of Tomorrow: Strong women don’t give up…They find a way through tears and thrills to love again… 



Sylvia Valevicius‘s review

Jan 08, 2018
it was amazing

bookshelves: fiction


In spite of the title, ‘Broken Pieces of Tomorrow,’ which suggests disappointments for the protagonist, Georgia, I found this novel to be a highly enjoyable read! At first, I thought it was a memoir, but it works well as a novel, seemingly autobiographical in nature. The author, Soulla Christodoulou, makes this book fun. It’s so well- written, one can step right into Georgia’s shoes and take on her experiences – – quite a trip, at that! I found it an excellent progression of story. The novel grows on you as the passage of life does with its ups and downs and mysteries. The author makes you want to read more as she engages the reader in each segment of circumstances in which the protagonist finds herself. The reader experiences the delicious classic case of what will happen next. The reader is never sure of relationship outcomes which is Georgia’s plight. The protagonist second-guesses herself, frequently a relatable condition when one’s life’s turns upside down: “She bit down on her lip, annoyed with herself for telling him too much, explaining herself. She always did that with Nicolas too.” She learns about herself along the way.

True to life, this novel contains its racy bits so prepare yourself; for the most part, Soulla makes it amusing and intriguing. She tells it like it is in everyday (sometimes raw) language, and gets away with it because of her funny and personable nature which simply shines throughout this book.

In the midst of a busy holiday season, I really couldn’t wait to finish my chores and preparations each day to pick up this novel, relax, and simply enjoy what’s going on in Georgia’s life. I can see why this book is a ‘fan favourite.’ Thanks, Soulla. I felt like one of Georgia’s friends! And now I want to give her advice, too :))



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