Thursday 23 May 2024

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Author Interview on Pencils & Lipstick


Podcast - Kat Caldwell interviews Soulla Christodoulou

Welcome to this week’s blog post where I am sharing a podcast interview I did recently on Pencils & Lipstick with Kat Caldwell.

Kat and I talked about my writing journey and how I came to be a writer with three novels, a short story and a collection of poetry all published in the last four years.

I hope you’ll have a listen and find some inspiration in my story which took me from working as a full-time teacher of Business Studies to a full-time author with my own writing services business, Writing For Life.

And please drop me a line if you’d like to talk about getting your story out there. I can help you do that and there’s nothing more exciting than working with authors to bring their stories to life and out into the world.


Thank you for listening and thanks also to Kat for this wonderful feature on her

Pencils & Lipstick Podcast.

Until next week,

With much love, Soulla xxx

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