Sunday 9 June 2024

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What Do You Need Right Now?


by Soulla Christodoulou

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog post which has been inspired by a piece I featured in my newsletter back in August.

We all need to stop and take some time out now and again don’t we? 

Time moves too fast which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, unable to achieve what we want and exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.

But it can also move too slowly which gives us too much time to overthink things, to procrastinate and to delay getting things done, especially when they feel uncomfortable or a little scary.

So I did this thing. I took some time out and cut lots of words out of magazines… you know those words that make us think and plan and make decisions… words like those I the photo below (and above).

I’m urging you to stop and sit still, be still for a while. Go and sit in your favourite spot in the garden, your favourite bench in the park or a quiet reading nook at home.

Think about what you need right now to replenish your soul and build you up again.

What do you need to make you feel like you again, you make you feel invincible and like anything is possible?

It’s easy to just keep going until we feel the heat of burnout pushing down on us.

I’ve done that all too many times and as I’ve got older (yes, older!) I know when to listen to my inner voice and do something which my heart and mind will thank me for.

Give yourself the gift of time… the gift of stillness.

You’ll be much happier for it I promise you.




What do you do to recharge?

Has this blog given you food for thought?

I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Happy You, Safe You, Smiley You.

With much love, Soulla xxx

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