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A Year of A Cup of Conversation 2018


I wanted to mark the beginning of 2019 by looking back at what a fabulous group of authors I interviewed for my A Cup of Conversation author interview series.

I think I covered many different genres and styles of writing, authors at different points along their writing journeys and careers and from all over the world and I have since read many of their books too!

So as a recap I’m sharing their names and book links with you so you can build your reading list ready for 2019.

Everything is here from SciFi to Romance, Coming of Age to Historical Fiction, Rom-com to Young Adult, Fantasy to Women’s Fiction, Thrillers to Crime reads, Magic and Fairytales…

So Happy New Year everyone and Happy Reading!

January 2018

Heather MacKinnon –

Phyllis Duncan –

March 2018

Jackie Baldwin – Here and Here

Aaron Brinker –

April 2018

Anne John-Ligali –

Chris Toedt –

May 2018

Ian Sutherland –

June 2018

Effie Kammenou – kammenou

Elisa Gianoncelli –

July 2018

Kristy Jo Volchko –

Chariss K. Walker –

August 2018

Andrew Mowere –

Mark O’Neill –

September 2018

Amy J. Markstahler –

Cassie Faber –

October 2018

Tina-Marie Miller –

November 2018

Joe Congel –

December 2018

Patricia M. Osborne –

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