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The Writer’s Guide and why I wrote it.


A bit about me.

I’m an author of adult fiction and have two books – Broken Pieces of Tomorrow, coming of age and The Summer Will Come, historical fiction – both with a thread of romance running through them available via Amazon as well as Sunshine after Rain, a collection of poetry inspired by old sayings and proverbs.

Before writing I was a teacher in a secondary school where my specialism was Business Studies which I taught at GCSE and A Level and BTEC Levels 2 and 3. I was also Head of PSHE, Deputy Director of Learning for the Sixth Form and Head of UCAS. I taught English one-to-one as part of a programme to improve overall grades at GCSE too. I was busy!

Since leaving my career in education I have devoted my time to a number of different roles; writing, marketing to for a fashion brand and for a local private school, editing, ghost blogging and private tuition including creative writing classes. I am still busy!

How I came about writing the 12 part Writer’s Guide.

This guide came about as a result of my observations across social media regarding the sort of information new writers were looking for and often had to hunt across multiple sources to find, as well as my own experience of writing my books, publishing them and marketing them. Finding the right information at the right time took up a lot of my time and energy and I found it tedious and often quite stressful. There didn’t seem to be a one-stop shop or site to help me.

It is an introductory yet comprehensive guide with examples, links to professional writing organisations and associations and suppliers of and experts in the fields of publishing and marketing too.

It is a mini encyclopaedia of everything a new writer needs to know in order to successfully write, publish and market their book, whether their work is fiction or non-fiction.

What are the 12 sections?

Quite simply:

  • Part One – Completing Your First Draft
  • Part Two – Writing Fiction or Non-Fiction
  • Part Three – Knowing Your Genre
  • Part Four – Researching Your Book
  • Part Five – Editing For Your Self-published Book
  • Part Six – Proofreading Your Book
  • Part Seven – Rewriting Your Draft
  • Part Eight – Finding a Self-Publisher Online Self-publishing
  • Part Nine – Printing Your Own Book
  • Part Ten – Off-Line Marketing To Sell Your Book
  • Part Eleven – Online Marketing To Sell Your Book
  • Part Twelve – So Your Book Is Printed
  • Bibliography – Links, Sources and Authors Quoted

Where is the Writer’s Guide available to buy?

It’s available via my website. Go to the red band at the top of the page…let it roll across and then click when prompted) and there is a simple payment option to buy the guide as well as extracts and information there too.

Any questions?

Please just email me or contact me via one of my social media platforms (all on this website)





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