Thursday 23 May 2024

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Writers’ Favourite Writing Quotes (Part 6)


Welcome back to this series where we look at the quotes that inspire writers, poets and other creatives. Sitting down to write is not always the easiest of things to do and there are so many demands on our time including work and family commitments as well as many mundane chores that fight for our time, attention and energy. Throw into the mix niggling self-doubt and criticism and it’s a wonder any of us actually write a word let alone manage to publish our books for our readers to enjoy.

So in this week’s post three creatives Jenna Morland, Chariss Walker and Shiva Pouya, share their favourite quote with us and tell us how they have been/are inspired by it. So let’s join them now!

Welcome to author Jenna Morland.

Jenna’s favourite writing quote: 

“If you don’t see the book

you want on the shelf, write it.”

– Beverly Cleary


How did the quote get you into writing, help develop your writing style or attitude?

Before I even knew I was a writer I had been searching for a new read. A book to obsess over—the kind when you fall hard and fast. But for some reason I couldn’t find it. I saw this quote one day scrolling through Facebook and I stopped. I read it over and over again. Then, I picked up my laptop and began writing the book I wanted to read. I had never written anything before, yet somehow this simple quote inspired me enough to write Empress Unveiled. Fast forward two years and it’s about to be published!

What are you writing at the moment/working on?

I’m currently writing the sequel to Empress Unveiled. I’m obsessed with these characters and I love this world so much. I suppose I accomplished exactly what I was looking for!

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Welcome to author Chariss K. Walker

Chariss’ favourite writing quote and how it inspired her:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” 

~ Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio/Shakespeare 

As an author of both nonfiction and fiction books, I started out in 2008 writing nonfiction about those “more things in heaven and earth,” what some would call “metaphysical.” I have always had a deep yearning and desire to know more, to study more, to understand. I am a seeker of knowledge. As a child, I was banned from the library for reading too many “grown-up” books. It seems absurd now, but society had evolved in the last fifty or so years. Thankfully. I’m certain that back then they simply didn’t know how to deal with my myriad of questions and thirst for knowledge.

How did the quote get you into writing, help develop your writing style or attitude?

I wanted to share what I had learned with those who also craved a deeper understanding of the game of life; those who couldn’t find the answers from any convenient resource. I don’t have all the answers, but I have something to offer that isn’t readily available through traditional sources… and, I offer my understanding in a down-to-earth fashion. A manner that is easy for anyone to understand. I use liberal personal examples and famous quotes to clarify. My first published book (2008: ISBN-13: 978-1717277657) says it all in the title: Make a Joyful NoiseSearching for Spiritual Path in a Material World. Because it was what I had known for the first thirty years of my life, this book was written from a christian perspective in an attempt to share my personal transition from religious doctrine to metaphysical concepts and spiritual growth. Since its publication, I have authored more than a dozen nonfiction books and about 17 fiction books as of 2018. I’m not finished yet. There is so much more to write and share.

As with everything, my writing also evolved. It was a natural progression for me to begin writing fiction books with characters who possessed metaphysical attributes. The character might dream dreams, have visions, or experience some other type of physical or spiritual transformation as they learn to accept their mystical abilities. Again, even in my fiction writing, I am sharing what I have learned from years of study and earning educational degrees.

What are you writing at the moment/working on?

Currently, I am writing a 6-book nonfiction series, Going Deeperwhich guides the reader on a journey of self-healing by releasing trapped emotions from their body, mind, soul, including chakras and the 11 body systems. Books 1, 2, and 3 should be released shortly. This is a cleanse-my-palate-period. You see, I also write dark-fiction about abuse, incest, and many other unpopular and unsavory topics. It is not my particular choice to write this genre, but I have found that the character takes me in that direction without fail. After writing a dark-fiction novel or completing a series such as A Serena McKay Crime Novel (Purple Kitty, Book 1 and Blue Cadillac, Book 2), I eagerly return to writing nonfiction and sharing spiritual love and light which reinvigorates me.

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Welcome to poet Shiva S Pouya

This is Shiva’s favourite writing quote:

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.”
– Plutarch

How did the quote get you into writing, help develop your writing style or attitude?

I initially started writing for my university module and would write short stories. One day, I came across this amazing quote from Plutarch and the idea to express myself through poetry became my hobby. I was always creative through the arts such as acting, sewing and painting. Alongside to this, I have a passion for politics and philosophy and this quote links perfectly well with my character. I love to express my feelings, thoughts and ideas through the arts. This quote made me want to focus on writing detailed poems about anything that triggers my interest and that allows readers to relate to my poems. I do not just create words, I create a painting through words and I want to be the voice of my own and everyone else’s like being an actress acting someone else to convey a message.  Poem is a powerful art tool that can be the voice of a few or maybe a million.

What are you writing at the moment/working on?

I am currently developing my short story into a novel. The novel is of  historical context, based on the real events surrounding a woman who was oppressed for her love of acting during the period of a revolution.

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Thank you so much Jenna, Chariss and Shiva for joining me and of course to you too!

I hope to welcome you back again next week and in the meantime feel free to browse my website or contact me if you have any

questions at all about my writing or writing in general. Always happy to help if I can.

Until next time Happy Writing, Happy Reading, Happy You! 




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