Friday 19 April 2024

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Evagoras Pallikarides, an EOKA hero – his poem which inspired the book title The Summer Will Come


Thank you for joining me this week as I share with you the inspiration for the title of my book.

The title of my novel The Summer Will Come has been taken from the poem written by Evagoras Pallikarides.

Evagoras Pallikarides was a hero and poet. He was born on 27th February 1938 and died on 14th March 1957, aged 19; he was hung for his involvement in EOKA by the British.

A day before his trial, and having decided to join the EOKA fighters in the mountains, Pallikarides broke into his school and left a message and poem for his fellow students to read the following morning:

‘Dear school friends, At this time, someone is missing from among you, someone who has left in search of the fresh air of Liberty, someone who you might not see alive again. Don’t cry at his graveside. It won’t do for you to cry. A few spring flowers scatter on his grave. This is enough for him…’


I’ll take an uphill road
I’ll take the paths
To find the stairs
That lead to freedom

I’ll leave brothers, sisters
My mother, my father
In the valleys beyond
And the mountainsides

Searching for freedom
I’ll have as company
The white snow
Mountains and torrents

Even if it’s winter now
The summer will come
Bringing Freedom
To cities and villages

I’ll take an uphill road
I’ll take the paths
To find the stairs
That lead to freedom

I’ll climb the stairs
I’ll enter a palace
I know it will be an illusion
I know it won’t be real

I’ll wander in the palace
Until I find the throne
Only a queen
Sitting on it

Beautiful daughter, I will say,
Open your wings
And take me in your embrace
That’s all I ask…’


He signed it Evagoras Pallikarides on 5th December 1955.

(He was to appear in court on 6th December 1955, the following day)


Thank you for the interest you have shown in my novel which is due for release on Amazon on 25th March 2018. 

Thank you for reading!

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