Friday 7 June 2024

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Awaking from the nightmare…

A splintering strike echoes through the night-time woods

A growling beast as somber as the curtains falls

Burning paper and mistaken questions catch in the wind

Alarm bells, a rising resolute ring heard a hundred times

A torch radiates elation, a row of delightful smiles

No longer unfounded conviction or problems abundant

Forget it happened, relate only to the here and now

Rising, cries of anguish and pain repeatedly unfold

A forest alive with animal calls and buzzing insects

Shaded tropical palms, leaves the size of giants’ hands

Morning dewy light strikes a brightness boldly held

Revealing another layer of life and aliveness around

Sunrise happens quickly, like melted butter on toast

And freshly brewed tea left to go cold

Velvety buds and tender heads awake and quake

Sniffing the musk, lush green flora of the moss-covered earth.

#POEMSC A poem by Soulla Christodoulou



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