Thursday 11 July 2024

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Three poems from my book Sunshine after Rain


Welcome to this week’s blogpost and I hope you’re having a great week. I’ll be honest with you my planned schedule changed and I was a bit stumped on what to post this week and then realised that I haven’t really shared my poetry with you for a while…so here it goes…I’ve chosen three poems from my collection Sunshine after Rain for you…enjoy!


was the wind that carried through the air

Hands tight, deep in layers to find

Warm as the jagged bruising weight of his

Heart cherished her sweet purple lips

Cold was the imagery of the shuddering hills

Hands grasping across in mockery of his

Warm but eroded, wounded love as a

Heart once smiled now twisted echoic

Cold was the glimmer of sweet bay and laurel

Hands pearly white, pearlier and pearliest

Warm but perplexed as inertia shrouds his

Heart with ecliptic night, indigo memories

Cold was the un-knowing slavish squint as

Hands pulled and groped and lingered

Warm on teared eyes with rivulets as her

Heart traced his frown, an avalanche of agape

Cold was the hope soaked crimson

Hands reaching out to assure, to herald

Warm the lame, heretofore perish not

Heart lengthened, impressed strong as she


Tears running salty down my face

Worrying about tomorrow

I don’t think I can cope

Faltering, walking a tight rope

I look down into an abyss

A mass of crashing waves and rocks

Nothingness strangles my wavering control

Suffocates my breathing, my soul

When all I see is more stress and sorrow

There’s no point in hiding

Who do I turn to? Where do I run?

My life is no longer fun

I close my tired eyes, I feel an angel

She strokes my face and wipes my tears

And I know as her serenity envelopes me

That what will be will be.

So I wipe my tears and paint a smile

I’m here right now with a happy heart

I cannot change a thing it’s taken a while to see

But now I choose my here and now, to be free.


Every time she looked at the sky

She wondered where the fluffy puffs came from

Did her mother tell her a lie?

Cloud after cloud appeared, shapeless shapes

Grey and white and all the shades in between

Swags and tails of flowing drapes

Has the sun disappeared for good?

Will it find its way over or under or through?

She hoped and dreamed it would

A shift in the coolest lightest breeze

She looks up, drifting cirrus high and cumulus low

A family moving in unison she sees

Silver she spies at the periphery of each

A shining edge, a lace hem, a gilded throne

A glow of orange, of lemon, of peach

Lining the blue as if true to her pining

She realises her mother was right

Every cloud has a silver lining

My collection of poetry is currently available in a Kindle downloadable format exclusively from Amazon. Here is the link to Sunshine after Rain. I hope you’ll enjoy the collection which is available for free on KindleUnlimited or for 0.99 on Kindle.

And thank you for reading! Big hug and much love, Soulla x 

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