Friday 12 July 2024

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I smile through my tears…

💜 Sitting here Thoughts going round and round I think I’ve lost a part of me And I don’t want to be found

Once you were here Real and true Now I turn round and you’ve gone I feel like we’re through.

I smile through my tears Remembering your smile The sparkle in your eyes As you took away my fears

The gentlest of touches A stroke of my hand You reached in and Stole my heart

A few snatched hours The lightest of conversations The deepest of thoughts We connected as one, me and you

Darkness enveloped me Not threatening or cold As you lay down with me Loved me, reached into my soul

Now you’ve disappeared I don’t know how long for Will I see you again or Will you always be gone?💜

#POEMSC a Poem by Soulla Christodoulou

  • Soulla Christodoulou (Edit)

    Thank you for reading Andrew…I’m glad you felt the emotions of the poem coming through 🙂

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