Friday 14 June 2024

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Wonderful reviews for The Summer Will Come


Ask any writer what makes their writing worthwhile and they won’t say sales (although sales , of course make a difference) they will likely say reviews.

Reviews for me are hugely rewarding to read and often make my day as I read the thoughts on my writing, the impact it has had or the difference it has made to someone’s understanding about themselves or something new. Recently I had two fabulous reviews on The Summer Will Come which I wanted to share with you. Both readers have given the book 5 stars on and and I am absolutely thrilled…this is what makes me keep on writing!

So my first thanks go to J. Crane for leaving this review:

“This was the first book I’d read by this author and I was captivated from the very beginning. It was so beautifully written – I was swept away to the island heat of Cyprus in the 1950’s at the beginning and then to the grey, damp streets of London by the end. This is a heartfelt, tender story about how history has the power to shape the human experience and how world events can affect the most ordinary of lives. It’s about family, loyalty and having the strength and courage to start a new life, far removed from what you know. I stayed up until 1 in the morning to finish this book and it was definitely time well spent. I loved it and look forward to reading more from Soulla Christodoulou in the future.”


My second thanks go to Allison Garcia who said this:

“Masterfully written. My senses were awakened by the beautiful imagery of Cyprus and the mouth-watering food descriptions. I loved how it was a slow burn…wondering how the families might connect. Also, as I am not familiar with Cypriot history, it served as a very intimate portrayal of the beginning of their fight for independence from English rule. I also really enjoyed seeing how they adjusted to immigrating to England. Overall, I loved the story and didn’t want it to end. Beautiful job!!!!!”

Thank you to each and every one of you for buying, reading and leaving a review. Reviews make a huge difference to the book’s visibility on Amazon and so even a star rating and a single word like Brilliant or Amazing counts as a review. So if you’re not sure what to write just KISS – Keep IT Super Simple!!!

So mwah from me and thank you for reading and for coming back each week to read my blog too. You’re my shining stars! 

The Summer Will Come




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