Thursday 11 July 2024

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A Cup of Conversation with Poet and Author Rebecca Lynn Bardelli.


Welcome to A Cup of Conversation with the wonderfully creative poet and author Rebecca Lynn Bardelli. I connected with Rebecca when I read one of her poems on Twitter and subsequently downloaded her poetry collection Dancing Through the Flames which I found to be warm, heartfelt and very real poetry I could connect with on so many different levels. So without further ado let’s meet Rebecca! 


1. When did you start writing creatively?

I have enjoyed creative writing since I was in middle school. I found it freeing and still do. I didn’t like many subjects in school, but writing was my favorite. I write poetry for several reasons. I feel like I’ve created a piece of art when I finish a poem, and it is an amazing feeling. I love being able to create something with words. I also write to heal and to inspire others.

2. Which author has most influenced your own writing style?

That is an easy question. I absolutely love Emily Dickinson. She is my all-time favorite poet.

3. Are any of the characters in your novel/s based on yourself?

My personal experiences that are reflected in my poetry include overcoming addictions, learning to love myself, the loss of loved ones, depression, fear, mood swings, and hitting rock bottom and going up from there. The overall theme is learning from my experiences and striving to make the best of life.

4. What are you working on at the moment/what’s next?

The title of my debut poetry book is “Dancing Through the Flames.” The flames are symbolic for life’s hardships. I felt the title was fitting for what I was trying to get across in the book, which is that life can be painful, but we must dance through the flames.

5. Where do you write and do you have a writing routine?

I write and post my writing and samples of my writing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I don’t have a writing routine, but I do try to write daily.

6. What’s your favourite go-to snack when writing?

I don’t know if you can consider coffee, tea or soda a snack, but they definitely make their way to my table while I’m writing. If I need a quick snack without being interrupted, I grab a bowl of pretzels.

7. Is there any aspect of the writer’s life you least enjoy and why?

That’s actually a difficult question, but I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. So I’m going to go with no.

8. Are you a planner or a pantser?

I would say a little bit of both, but I’m definitely more of a planner.








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Paperback: Through the Flames


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