Friday 19 April 2024

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Book Release Post, A Moment in Time by J.G. MacLeod


by Soulla Christodoulou

Welcome to this week’s post and it’s a really lovely one as I am doing this as a surprise for the author J.G. MacLeod because she did a really lovely thing for me earlier this week and I wanted to thank her for her love and support.

Our writing community is a tight-knit one and I know, from experience, how a kind gesture, can change your whole day’s vibe.

So, my dear author friends and readers I hope you’ll join me in celebrating J.G. MacLeod’s soon to be released novel, A Moment in Time. 

Here’s the story:

“He’s an ex con; she’s his teacher. Will their secret pasts destroy them, or be the key to their redemption?

Lily Macarthur teaches psychology at an adult ed. school by day, and runs from her past every chance she gets. When she attends course registration the last week of summer break, she never imagines she’ll meet a student with a past as mysterious as her own.

Chad Anderson is instantly attracted to Lily, but he’s been in prison so long he knows better than to expect such an intelligent woman to fall for a guy like him. He takes a risk and signs up for her class, hoping to get to know her better, and to start over.

A chance encounter one fall night throws the unlikely pair together for survival, friendship, and perhaps something more.
But forces beyond their control threaten to destroy more than just their reputations. In a world full of bystanders, will someone take a stand against the powers of evil?

Everything can change in A Moment in Time.

Based on a true beginning, this romantic-suspense novel contains a psychological twist that will leave you questioning everything.”

NB: Recommended for 18+ for some steamy scenes & language.



Ever since childhood, this wonderful author has been fascinated by the intricacies of the English language and how a combination of words can create an emotional response in a reader.

Turning her passion into a fulfilling career as a professional author has been one of her greatest life achievements.

Since 2015, she has written prodigiously in order to publish several books, constantly educating and challenging herself with new ideas and different writing techniques.  

J.G. MacLeod is a mother of three amazing daughters who inspire and motivate her every day. She lives in Canada, loves to travel, and cannot get enough of salted-caramel hot chocolate! 

I hope you’ll give her upcoming release a read and check out her other books across Amazon worldwide.

Thank you all for joining me and remember, kindness matters so pass it forward.

Until next week, Happy reading and Happy writing.

With much love, Soulla xxx

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