Thursday 11 July 2024

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Excerpt: Broken Pieces of Tomorrow by Soulla Christodoulou


This week I’m sharing a short extract from Broken Pieces of Tomorrow with you which is my debut Coming of Age novel. It is semi-biographical and much of the story is based on my own experience of my marital breakdown and the tears and thrills of building a new life. I hope you enjoy it and if you haven’t read the book I hope you choose to soon.

“Georgia liked the control she had over her relationship with Sean, which meant she could, for once, do what suited her. She could however feel herself becoming more selfish and the more she saw of Sean the more she wanted him, like an addict she craved him. She began to spend more and more of her free time with him and less and less time with the boys. And every time she saw him they made love. She pushed his home situation to the back of her mind; for now, it didn’t matter where he lived.

On Sundays while Nicolas took the boys to watch Andoni play football, she met up with Sean in Hampstead. Nicolas, she knew, had spent hours at a time talking with Roksana during Andoni’s Sunday matches and she now did the same thing under his nose and even though they were separated she felt smug about it; getting one over on him. They took a different route each time, Georgia breathing in the fresh scent of nature and avoiding the banks of nettles as they walked hand in hand. They made love behind huge green bushes and brambles, camouflaged by the shady woodland and the thick canopy of petalled branches casting pink and red shadows along her skin. Georgia lay on the soft lichen covered ground of the forest, the damp earthy scent filling her nostrils, the heavy drone of insects filling her ears as Sean fluttered her name against her lips.

They never got caught and the risk of getting caught, of doing something daring, dangerous, added to the intensity of their love-making. Georgia didn’t care though. She took Sean in her mouth, writhed up and down on him, her bra hanging around her waist. Sean loved her hard and she saw fire in his eyes as he loved her harder still. She felt invincible.”

Thanks for reading and if you have already read Broken Pieces of Tomorrow I’d be most grateful for a review on Amazon.


Until next week, Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy You!

Soulla xxx



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