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12 Part Writer’s Guide To Help You Write, Publish and Market Your Book
By Soulla Christodoulou.

Page   1…  Introduction

Page   5…  Part One “Completing your first draft”

Page   9…  Part Two “Writing fiction or non-fiction”

Page 13…  Part Three “Knowing your Genre”

Page 19…  Part Four “Researching your book”

Page 24…  Part Five “Editing for your self-publishing book”

Page 30…  Part Six “Proofreading your book”

Page 34…  Part Seven “Rewriting your book”

Page 39…  Part Eight “Finding a self-publisher online”

Page 44…  Part Nine “Printing your own book”

Page 50…  Part Ten “Off-line marketing to sell your book”

Page 58…  Part Eleven “On-line marketing to sell your book”

Page 65…  Part Twelve  “So your book is printed”

Page 69…  Bibliography

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Editing is not something that everyone can do for themselves. Some writers are too ‘close’ to the writing to be able to step back and look at it from the point of view of the reader.

This is what you have to do; be the reader when editing your work.

I’ve learnt to leave the manuscript to rest a while, maybe even a few weeks, before starting the editing phase.

Excerpts From The Book

A good writer is very much in tune with psychology and the way that people think. In fact, if you want to get in touch with the characters that you create, you can do so by learning a bit of psychology. Creative writers are often advised to take this class so that they can get in touch with the way that people think and react to certain situations. I’ve found it really useful…sometimes I think I’ve said something in my writing when actually it’s still in my head and hasn’t been explained in the right way for the reader to really “get it”.

Online marketing is probably the biggest and cheapest way to engage in selling, promoting and creating awareness for your book. The best way to sell your book is online. Your first venue to engage in online marketing will usually be the self-publishing company that prints your book.

They not only print books but also sell books that are written by their authors. You can depend on many sales from a self-published book from the website.

My inspiration for “The Summer Will Come”

I’m a practical kind of girl and have had many different experiences both within my personal and professional life. All have been enriching, opened my eyes to new things about myself, people and the world. But the seed which has influenced the story I am writing here came from somewhere deeper within me. My mum recovered from an illness which lasted over three years and my career in teaching, which I was once so passionate about, began to conflict with my work ethic and my personal beliefs about what a good education should look like. I began to miss being creative and laughing with the students and encouraging them to experiment and develop their own way of learning. I began to miss being in control of what I was doing and I could see that this lack of control was effecting the students in a negative way too. We were all operating day to day like robots; like nodding dogs. I began to question my life’s purpose. What legacy would I leave behind once I was gone? How would people remember me? And even what is this life all about?

My Greek Cypriot roots and my sense of wonder and inquisitiveness of what came before filled my heart and my mind. What was life like before I was born, what experiences made my parents the people they are and ultimately have shaped me and the person I am today?

The story evolves around two families, both Greek Cypriot living in different villages in Cyprus, one a small mountain village and another a coastal village in the south of the island. It is 1953; the year of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and the start of what becomes a momentous period in the island’s history; a time of turmoil, political conflict and slaughter of innocent people in the name of ENOSIS and freedom from the British.